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Outline of JFE Group

Holding Company

JFE Holdings, Inc.
Maximizing Corporate Value JFE Holdings performs the key roles of strategic planning, risk management and external accountability as the holding company of the JFE Group, enabling Group companies to devote their full attention to the enhancement of competitiveness and profitability.

Steel Business

“Only One” and “Number One” Products for the World JFE Steel is one of the world’s leading integrated steel producers. A strong international player with a sophisticated production system consisting of two major steelworks, one each in eastern and western Japan, JFE Steel engages in the production and sales of unique “Only One” and market-leading “Number One” branded products, plus a wide range of other addedvalue products incorporating the company’s cuttingedge technologies and development know-how.

Steel Business

Engineering Business

JFE Engineering Corporation
Innovative Technologies for Energy and the EnvironmentJFE Engineering technologies enhance the effective use of resources for clean energy. In addition to its core businesses in environmental infrastructure and energy, JFE Engineering offers specialized expertise in the fields of industrial machinery and steel structures, such as bridges.


Trading Business

Trading Business JFE Shoji is engaged in domestic and overseas trade, including both importing and exporting, involving mainly steel products, but also raw materials for steel, non-ferrous metals, chemicals, machinery and ships. The company’s international operations and networks have continued to spread, mainly throughout Asia.