JFE Group Standards of Business Conduct

JFE Group Standards of Business Conduct

All JFE Group executives and employees will faithfully adhere to the following Standards of Business Conduct in all facets of corporate activities. These standards were created to embody the Corporate Vision of the JFE Group and go hand-in-hand with the Corporate Values.

The management is to take the lead in communicating these standards to employees throughout the group and partners within the supply chain, and in creating effective systems and mechanisms to ensure adherence to corporate ethical standards.

The management shall be directly involved both in the resolution and implementation of measures to prevent the recurrence of any violation of these standards. The management shall disclose information about violations in a timely and accurate manner both inside and outside the group, shall clarify the authority and accountability involved and shall deal rigorously with offenses.

1. Provide quality products and services

Earn the trust and acclaim of customers by endeavoring to provide safe, high-quality products and services based on superior technologies, and by fully respecting and protecting the privacy of personal and customer information. Also strive for the sustainable growth of companies and society through the deployment of our superior technologies.

2. Be open to society at large

In addition to actively disclosing corporate information, engage in constructive dialogues with a wide range of stakeholders to enhance our corporate value

3. Coordinate and cooperate with the community

Actively contribute to host communities as a good corporate citizen that connects harmony and cooperates with communities.

4. Globalize

Endeavor to achieve mutual understanding with people around the world, working from a global perspective and with respect to international norms, and also local cultures and customs.

5. Exist in harmony with the global environment

Actively work to achieve better living standards and the advancement of societies, as well as harmonious existence with the global environment.

6. Maintain proper relations with government and political authorities

Endeavor to build and maintain sound and proper relationships with government and political authorities.

7. Maintain crisis readiness

Firmly resist all elements and organizations that threaten social order and stability, and refuse all illegal and improper demands. Also, contribute to order and safety in society by thoroughly and methodically preparing for crises such as terrorism, cyberattacks, natural disasters and others, including by ensuring the stable availability of products and services.

8. Respect human rights

Respect all employees and members of the general public as individuals and refrain from any and all discrimination in corporate activities.

9. Provide challenging work environments

Provide employees with attractive, safe, healthy and challenging work environments.

10. Comply with laws and ordinances

Comply with all applicable laws and ordinances, endeavor to compete fairly and freely, refrain from illegal business activities, promote sound business practices, and be faithful and sincere in all activities and dealings.