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Environmental Management

Environmental Philosophy and Strategies

JFE’s environmental philosophy and strategies target the development of innovative technologies and international cooperation aimed at protecting the global environment.

Environmental Philosophy

JFE puts top priority on protecting and enhancing the global environment to maintain its business in harmony with the environment, ultimately for the prosperity of society as a whole.

Environmental Strategies

  1. Reduce the environmental impact of all JFE businesses
  2. Contribute through technologies and products
  3. Conserve resources and energy
  4. Communicate with society
  5. Facilitate international cooperation

Framework for Environmental Management

The JFE Group Environmental Committee, chaired by the president of JFE Holdings and operating under the JFE Group CSR Council, sets goals for environmental protection, monitors the progress of such initiatives and works to improve JFE’s overall environmental performance. Specialized committees set up by JFE’s operating companies and affiliates implement specific activities.

Environmental Management System

Environmental Management System

Material Flow

JFE Steel works to reduce the environmental impact of its steelmaking processes, including through the effective use of resources. The company recycles 93.7% of the water it uses for production and uses 99.7% of its byproducts, such as ironsteel slag. In addition, 100% of gas byproducts generated during production is reused as fuel for reheating slabs, generating power for internal use and supplying power to the public.

Material Flow

Material Flow

Low-carbon Society Implementation Plan

Japanese Steel Industry Initiatives

Low-carbon Society Implementation Plan (The Japan Iron and Steel Federation)

The Japan Iron and Steel Federation (JISF) is promoting its Low-Carbon Society Implementation Plan, which focuses on the Three Ecos initiatives and the development of innovative new steelmaking processes. JFE Steel is actively implementing initiatives to help achieve the plan’s targets.


The Japanese steel industry is continuously striving to improve energy efficiency by taking full advantage of cutting-edge technologies. Its goals include reducing emissions by 5 million tonnes in FY2020 (Phase I) and 9 million tonnes in FY2030 (Phase II) compared to the BAU benchmark.


The Japanese steel industry also helps to reduce CO2 emissions at the final-product stage by providing high-performance steel materials essential to developing low-carbon societies. By FY2020, the use of major high-performance sheet materials is forecast to cut CO2 emissions by approximately 34.0 million tonnes in FY2020 and 42.0 million tonnes in FY2030.


The Japanese steel industry is helping to reduce CO2 worldwide, particularly in developing countries, through the transfer and application of world-leading, energy-saving Eco- Process technologies. Eco-Solutions are forecast to reduce CO2 emissions by about 70 million tonnes in FY2020 and 80 million tonnes in FY2030.

Revolutionary Steelmaking Process Development (COURSE 50)

The Japanese steel industry intends to cut a CO2 emissions by about 30% through hydrogen reduction, along with capture, separation and recovery of CO2 from blast furnace gases. The first facility is expected to come online by 2030, followed by other plants by 2050.

Innovative Steelmaking Process Development (Ferro Coke)

The Japanese steel industry intends to develop ferro coke that accelerates and lowers the temperatures of the reduction reaction in a blast furnace as well as its operational processes to conserve energy further and expand the use of low-rank materials.

Ferro Coke

JFE Engineering's initiatives

JFE Engineering creates and maintains core infrastructure by applying technology developed in steelmaking and shipbuilding.The company builds power plants that use resources effectively and provides electric power services to contribute to global sustainability.

JFE Engineering's initiatives
Food recycling initiatives

【Example: Food recycling initiatives】

Resource-recycling Solutions

Resource-recycling Solutions

JFE engages in recycling businesses, such as the reuse of used plastics in materials for blast furnaces, based on recycling technologies eveloped for its steelworks. In the engineering field, the recycling businesses are closely related to local communities, such as the sorting nd storage of waste plastics and the conversion of refuse into solid fuel. JFE also contributes to sustainable societies by offering disposal solutions for various types of waste, including materials, chemicals and thermal recycling, and also works to minimize the amount of final disposal.


Climate Change Policy:The Japan Iron and Steel Federation

Environment JFE Engineering Corporation


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