Environmental Activities
- Striving to create splendid natural environments -

Environmental philosophy: The JFE Group considers the improvement of the global environment to be of utmost importance for management, and promotes business operations in harmony with the environment to create a prosperous society.

Guided by this philosophy, the JFE Group will apply the comprehensive and synergistic nature of steelmaking and engineering technologies amassed by its predecessor companies over many years to successfully tackle environmental issues and other related topics, such as climate change, material cycle and energy use.
 We will conduct our operations with due care in accordance with the following guiding principles:

  1. Environmental issues will be a priority for the entire JFE Group.
  2. Lifecycles of products and services will always be kept in mind.
  3. The JFE Group will make direct contributions to the resolution of environmental issues through its business operations.
We will also communicate openly with the public and strive to be a positive factor in the creation of a prosperous society.

The environmental activities of the JFE Group are described in detail in its Environmental Report and on the Group's web site, at http://www.jfe-holdings.co.jp/en/environment