JFE Group Standards of Corporate Conduct

1. Provide quality products and services
Earn high regard and trust from customers by using excellent technology to provide quality products and services.
2. Communicate openly with society at large
Endeavor to communicate with shareholders and the broader community and actively disclose corporate information.
3. Coordinate and cooperate with the community
Actively contribute to the community as a good corporate citizen with a spirit of coordination and cooperation.
4. Globalize
Endeavor to achieve mutual understanding with people around the world, working from a global perspective and respecting local cultures and customs.
5. Exist in harmony with the global environment
Contribute to the achievement of better living standards and the creation of societies that exist in harmony with the global environment.
6. Maintain proper relations with governments and political authorities
Endeavor to build and maintain sound and proper relationships with governments and political authorities.
7. Respond appropriately to antisocial elements
Firmly resist all elements and organizations that threaten social order and stability, and refuse all illegal or improper demands.
8. Respect human rights
Respect all employees and members of the general public as individuals and refrain from any discrimination in corporate activities.
9. Provide motivating work environments
Provide employees with attractive, safe and motivating work environments.
10. Comply with laws and ordinances
Comply with all applicable laws and ordinances, endeavor to compete fairly and freely, refrain from illegal business activities, promote sound business practices, and be faithful and sincere in all activities and dealings.