Environmental Solutions

We will anticipate the needs of a recycling-oriented society and raise the corporate value of the JFE Group.

The JFE Group draws on the capabilities of member companies to respond to business opportunities related to the environment and eco-energy. We offer comprehensive services tailored to the needs of each client. Indeed, our environmental solutions business provides answers to the environmental and energy concerns of national and regional governments and companies.

Environment and energy could become a ¥40 trillion market by 2010. To ensure we capture a sizable share of this market, we will combine steelmaking, engineering and infrastructure-building technologies into practical solutions that fully demonstrate Group synergy. We expect our efforts will lead to the establishment of environment and energy services as a third core business.

Environmental Solutions Center
The Environmental Solutions Center, set up within JFE Holdings, is a horizontal organization cutting across the Group structure to maximize the capabilities of the entire Group and realize comprehensive solutions.

Promoting the Resource-Recycling Business
We actively participate in planning by regional organizations to create towns that are in harmony with the environment and promote resource-recycling projects. We have turned waste plastics into blast furnace feed, and are involved in the business of recycling waste electrical appliances and polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottles. We also gasify municipal and industrial waste with our unique gasifying and melting furnace.

In addition, in the Keihin, Chiba, Okayama and Bingo districts, we are working with national and local government organizations to establish projects that promote a recycling-oriented society.

DME Project-Clean Fuel for the 21st Century
Low environmental impact DME has potential as an alternative to fuels such as those used in diesel engines and power generation. It holds the promise of practical application as a clean, next-generation energy source.

The JFE Group has successfully developed technology to synthesize large amounts of DME at a low cost and is preparing for pilots tests through DME Development Co., Ltd., which was established by a consortium of 10 companies in December 2001 to tackle the technical side of developing DME direct-synthesis technology for commercial production. Construction of a DME demonstration plant with daily output of 100 tons is in progress and will be completed by the end of 2003.

In October 2001, DME International Corporation was established. This company is now ready to commence DME supply and is fine-tuning plans to initiate commercial operations as soon as possible. To promote the use of DME fuel and encourage development of DME vehicles, DME International is testing DME-fueled trucks on public roads, running DME-fueled buses and developing a power generation system using a DME-fueled diesel engine.