Review of Operations

JFE R&D Corporation

We will elevate the JFE Group companies' standard of core technologies that underpin the goals of groupwide management and technology strategies. We will also create new concepts in production processes and products.

JFE R&D was established as an independent research organization to fully pursue the synergy effect of the JFE Group. Indeed, our research efforts hinge on core technology shared by the steel and engineering segments.

We vigorously promote systematic integration of groupwide technologies and play a pivotal role in cultivating new R&D concepts. We also act as a hub for development in growth fields and direct the Group's transformation into a technology-driven enterprise so that the Group can demonstrate its full potential.

Basic R&D Direction

JFE R&D undertakes two kinds of research activities. We address requests from individual members of the JFE Group, and we tackle basic technologies common to the Group and for which we set the parameters.

For requests from Group companies, we discuss each research theme with the company and undertake R&D on a contract basis. For common basic research, we develop high-level technologies that would not result from an extension of existing technologies.
For every seven requests from individual group companies, we will tackle three for common basic research. We will strive to reach a good balance between research that leads to new technologies and products, and research that generates the seeds of growth businesses.

R&D Activities

JFE R&D employs 80 researchers and maintains a structure of three research divisions, responsible for mechanical engineering, instrument and control engineering, and civil engineering, respectively; and two laboratories, which concentrate on numerical simulation, and biotechnology and catalysis, respectively.

In steel-related research, we are applying core technologies to optimize plant capacity and raise productivity, shrink costs as much as possible and double the number of "only one" and "number one" products. In engineering-related research, we are promoting solution technology proposals and R&D on products in line with the "number one" strategy for core operations. In growth fields associated with energy and the environment, we are devoting attention to practical use of DME, a clean fuel with considerable potential as an alternative next-generation energy source.

JFE R&D works closely with the JFE Steel Research Laboratory and the Engineering Research Center, which are responsible for process technologies and product R&D in respective segments, to maximize the synergy effect of the two business pillars of the JFE Group.