Kawasaki Steel Corporation, established in 1950, is one of Japan's largest integrated steelmakers. The importance of steel in the Corporation's operations is reflected in the composition of non-consolidated net sales for fiscal 1998, ended March 31, 1999--the Steel Division contributed approximately 74%.

A resourceful diversification program has allowed the Corporation to steadily expand beyond steelmaking into chemicals, Steel Plant engineering and construction, Pipeline engineering, Construction engineering, Environmental Systems, bridge and steel structures, and large-scale integrated circuits (LSIs). Kawasaki Steel's emphasis on research and development has been instrumental in its efforts to fine-tune profitability and sharpen the Corporation's competitive edge.
Leading an extensive network of companies, Kawasaki Steel is well known at home and abroad. The Kawasaki Steel Group includes steel, chemical, engineering and construction, and other companies, chiefly in Japan and the Americas, as well as representative offices in other parts of Asia, the Americas and Europe.

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