New Product: Development of HISTORY Steel Tube (Ultra fine grain ERW steel tube)

- HISTORY = High Speed Tube Welding and Optimum Reducing Technology -


Kawasaki Steel developed an ultra fine grain electric resistance welded steel tube (trade name: HISTORY steel tube) and successfully manufactured this product in industrially practical sizes for the first time in the world.

This new product, the HISTORY tube, realizes dramatic improvements in both strength and elongation, which could not be obtained with conventional ERW tubes, and offers numerous other advantages, including no hardening of the weld area and uniform material properties in the circumferential direction. Thanks to these superior features, the HISTORY tube makes it possible to manufacture hard-to-form parts and high strength, high elongation parts, which had been difficult with conventional ERW tubes. It is also possible to reduce processing costs by omitting heat treatment and other secondary processing steps.

In particular, this new product has attracted keen interest in the automotive industry, where lighter weight car bodies, improved safety, and lower manufacturing costs can be expected by combining the HISTORY tube with hydroforming technology, which has been adopted in the ULSAB (Ultra Light Steel Auto Body) Project.


Graphs: Improved balance of strength and elongation, Characteristics of material hardening at weld area