“Environment Friendly Green Steel” 

-Commercialization of Chrome-free Steel Sheet “River Zinc-FC” Series -

As part of its commitment to developing “environment friendly green steel” products, Kawasaki Steel has developed and begun sales of a new line of coated steel sheets, called the “River Zinc-FC” series, which possess the same level of corrosion resistance, anti-fingerprint property, and electrical conductivity as conventional products, but are 100% chrome free. The new products are used in household electrical appliances and office equipment.

Chrome is an essential part of the chromating treatment, which is used to give steel sheets corrosion resistance, the anti-fingerprint property, good paint adhesion, and other properties. (Chromating forms a film consisting of a chrome compound which is resistant to oxidation in air and water and is extremely stable at room temperature.) However, with the growing trend toward green procurement and green purchasing, the development of new products which eliminate the possibility of releasing chrome into the environment is now being actively promoted as one way of reducing the load on the environment. Previously developed “green steel” products from Kawasaki Steel include lead-free steel sheets for fuel tanks, “RFTA” (RFTA : abbreviation of River Fuel Tank), self-lubricating steel sheets which eliminate the need for processing oil, “River Zinc FS, FE,” and others.