Development of the World’s First Antibacterial Stainless Steel Containing Silver

- Realizing Bacterial Resistance with No Loss of Corrosion Resistance -


By making use of the extremely strong bacterial resistance of silver, Kawasaki Steel has developed and begun sales of the world’s first silver-added antibacterial stainless steel. This product simultaneously provides high corrosion resistance and bacterial resistance, which had been difficult up to now.

The new product was realized by combining the leading edge technologies of the new No. 4 Steelmaking Shop and No. 3 Hot Strip Mill at Chiba Works, which is Kawasaki Steel’s base for stainless steel production. Tests of bacterial resistance in connection with the colon bacillus, which Kawasaki Steel entrusted to the Japan Food Research Laboratories and Japan Food Hygiene Association, showed excellent results, with a bacteria reduction ratio of virtually 100%, both on the material surface and after grinding.

Stainless steel has long had a feeling of premium quality and cleanliness, and by using silver, Kawasaki’s new “antibacterial stainless steel containing silver” is sure to give that image a further boost. With consumers increasingly concerned about cleanliness, the new product is attracting attention for its adoption in top-of-the-line home washing machines, food containers, and other applications.



Photo: New type washing machine using antibacterial stainless steel containing silver