New Showcase for Construction and Civil Engineering by the Kawatetsu Group

- Completion of the “River Kuramae Building” -


In April 1999, Kawasaki Steel’s Construction Division and a group of four companies consisting of Kawatetsu Engineering Ltd., Kawasaki Steel Metal Products & Engineering Inc., Kawatetsu Techno-Construction Co. Ltd., and Kawatetsu Electrical Engineering Co., Ltd., completed the construction of the “River Kuramae Building ”using an urban type system building method called Excel Core. Construction of the building, which is located in Tokyo’s Taito Ward, was begun in April 1997. The building was the second Excel Core project carried out by the Kawatetsu Group, following construction of the Kawatetsu Kobe Head Office Building, which was completed in November 1996. The new structure will play the role of an “eastern show window” for office building construction by the Kawasaki Steel Group.

The new River Kuramae Building has the excellent earthquake resistance and fire resistance which are strong points of the Excel Core method. The building was constructed by incorporating numerous element technologies of Kawasaki Steel and Kawasaki Steel Group companies, including various new construction methods such as the CFT (Concrete Filled steel Tube) method, which saves labor in execution of the work, the KING method (penetration with inner pile drilling and pile tip mortar protection), which is particularly suited to urban construction, being a method that reduces vibration and noise and generates little waste earth, and in the underground parking facility, the mechanical underground parking system, CARNEST, which has a higher capacity than conventional methods and enables easy entry and exit.



Photo: New base of the Kawatetsu Group, the River Kuramae Building