NKK CORPORATION: Annual Report 2000
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Environmental Solutions

      We plan to develop our Environmental Solutions business by fully utilizing the technical expertise of our Steel and Engineering divisions. Working with customers from the design stage, we aim to provide solutions covering a full range of environmental issues and eco-energy needs.

Business Development

      In April 2000, we built a center for our Environmental Solutions business. We aim to utilize the Group's full potential and strengths in promoting our eco-business. Technologies and facilities to be incorporated from our Steel Division include our steel operations infrastructure, high-temperature combustion technology, and pioneer technologies for recycling waste plastics into blast furnace feed. Technologies and facilities from our Engineering Division consist of top-class incinerators and water treatment plants, and eco-energies such as wind turbine power generators.


Recycling waste plastics into blast furnace feed

Waste plastics are recycled and fed into the
Fukuyama Works' blast furnace

      NKK began recycling waste plastics for use as blast furnace feed at its Keihin Works from October 1996. We also began recycling waste plastics at our Fukuyama Works in response to the Container and Packaging Recycling Law, enacted during the period under review. Recycled waste plastics replace the use of cokes as feed for blast furnaces, thereby significantly reducing CO2 emissions. We believe the process will contribute greatly to alleviating global warming. The Mizue system at the Keihin Works is certified as an "eco-town" project by MITI, the Ministry of Health and Welfare and the City of Kawasaki. The recycling system at the Fukuyama Works is subsidized by the Agency of Natural Resources and Energy and NEDO.

Recycling operations
  • Support to municipalities
  • Home electronic appliances
  • PVC separation and removal system
  • Refuse derived fuel (RDF)
  Eco-Businesses and Solutions
  • Incinerators, gasification melting furnaces
  • Water treatment plants
  • Wind turbine power generators
Steel Division
  • Use of waste plastics as blast furnace feed
  • Prevention of harmful gas emissions utilizing high-temperature combustion technology
  • Energy conservation and environmental preservation technology
New businesses
  • Recycling of plastic containers, packaging and other industrial waste plastic
  • Dimethyl ether (DME)
  • Shredder dust recycling
  • Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) recycling
NKK Group
  • Energy saving and environmental diagnosis
  • Environmental assessment, purification


Next-generation fuel--DME

      NKK succeeded in developing core technologies which realize the low-cost, mass production of DME, conventionally produced in small quantities at a high cost. DME is expected to become a widely used fuel, growing into a more than ¥1 trillion market centering mainly around Asia. NKK is endeavoring to commercialize DME for use in the early part of the 21st century.


Trial runs of a DME-fueled vehicle

Characteristics of Dimethyl Ether
Chemical Formula: CH3 OCH3
NKK's new synthesis technology
Appealing potential as new clean energy source
  Wide Range of Usage
· Colorless and nontoxic gas
· Easily liquefied
· Highly flammable
· Easily decomposes in the atmosphere
· Obtainable from a wide variety of raw materials such as small gas fields, associated gas from oil fields, coal-bed methane, BOG, petroleum residues, and other biomass fuels, at a low production cost
Easy and inexpensive to store and transport
Can be used as engine and turbine fuels
No greenhouse effect or damage to the ozone
Can be mass produced at low cost
Fuel for diesel engine vehicles Substitute for oil
· Low NOx and no SOx
· No exhaust smoke
Fuel for vehicles utilizing fuel cell Source of hydrogen
· Safer than methanol
· Easier to handle than hydrogen
Fuel for power generators Clean and highly efficient Fuel for power generation
Fuel for home appliances Substitute for LPG Fuel for home appliances

      Focus 4 NKK'S DME technology
Focus 4 NKK'S DME technology

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