NKK CORPORATION: Annual Report 2000
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NKK and the Environment

      NKK believes it is the Company's important corporate duty to implement self-imposed controls and make ongoing efforts toward preserving the environment. Accordingly, from the early 1970s the Company has continuously endeavored to maintain a balance with the natural environment by utilizing its technical edge. Not only have we tackled ecological issues in the field of steel production, we have contributed to the development of effective methods for the recycling of industrial waste, preservation of water quality, and the conservation and effective use of energy.

      The Company aims to create a recycling-oriented society that works in cooperation with the local community. NKK is also striving to conduct its operations in a manner which emphasizes corporate activities and environmental conservation.

Global warming countermeasures
and energy conservation
  • Since the Second Oil Crisis in 1979, NKK has reduced energy consumption by around 20% for each ton of crude steel produced
  • NKK is working to reduce total energy consumption by 5.6% over the 1995 level by 2010
Reduce, Reuse and Recycle
  • Recycling of used plastics for blast furnace feed
  • Reuse of by-products at steel works
Environmental protection
  • Prevention of air pollution through the utilization of flue gas desulfurization equipment
International cooperation
  • Participation in projects for the reduction of CO2 in developing nations
  • Active promotion of joint technological efforts overseas
Contributions to society
  • Participation in the afforestation of the Kanagawa water basin to prevent erosion
  • Cultivation of kenaf at manufacturing facilities



The Engineering Division, which includes the Tsurumi Works, Tsu Works and Shimizu Works, acquired ISO14001 certification for its entire engineering operations. NKK is the first Japanese steel company to receive certification for comprehensive operations, covering manufacturing, engineering and construction.

NKK is highly evaluated for its plastics recycling system that uses waste plastics as blast furnace feed. In fiscal 2000, NKK became the first company in the steel industry to receive a minister's award presented by the Environment Agency.

photo NKK will publish its second environmental report in August 2000 as part of its commitment to promoting a recycling-oriented society that works in cooperation with the local community.

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