NKK CORPORATION: Annual Report 2001
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As a responsible corporate citizen, NKK implements voluntary controls and undertakes activities that serve to ameliorate the impact of its operations on the environment. The Corporation has continuously endeavored to maintain a balance with the natural environment by utilizing its technical edge. Not only have we tackled ecological issues in the field of steel production, but we have also contributed to the development of effective methods for the recycling of industrial waste, preservation of water quality and conservation and effective use of energy. The Corporation seeks to work with local communities in the establishment of a recycling-oriented society and consistently augments its efforts to conserve energy and protect the environment.

Environmental Achievements and Goals

Global Warming Countermeasures and Energy Conservation
  • Reducing energy consumption per ton of crude steel produced by about 20% since the oil crises of the 1970s
  • Working to reduce total energy consumption to 5.6% below the fiscal 1995 level by fiscal 2010
Reduce, Reuse and Recycle
  • Utilizing waste plastics as blast furnace feed
  • Converting more than 99% of steelmaking by-products into reusable resources
Environmental Protection
  • Utilizing flue gas desulfurization equipment to prevent air pollution
  • Preserving water quality through bio-treatment and ammonia liquor treatment processes
International Cooperation
  • Participating in projects to cut carbon dioxide emissions in developing countries
  • Actively promoting technical tie-ups overseas and technology transfer to developing countries
Contributions to Society
  • Maintaining an active role in the afforestation of the Kanagawa water basin
  • Cultivating kenaf, a fibrous plant, at steel works, to raise employees' environmental awareness


NKK Named World's Most Eco-Friendly Steelmaker

In September 2000, NKK captured top spot in the steelmaking category with an AAA rating in environmental management from the U.S.-based Innovest Strategic Value Advisors. This recognition substantiates our high reputation and commitment to the environment.

      The rating highlighted three aspects of NKK's eco-friendly initiatives:

  • Self-imposed discipline as a responsible corporate citizen keenly aware of the pressing concerns posed by global warming; and the application of leading-edge technologies and systems to protect the environment and conserve resources
  • Steady focus on environmental issues since the early 1970s and numerous results through such initiatives as life-cycle assessment, energy-saving programs, by-product reduction, protection of existing environments and creation of new green zones
  • Support for the environment through the promotion of eco-businesses, as well as production of eco-friendly steel products and development of steel and engineering-related technologies and materials, including ECOARC, DME, waste plastics recycling and regenerative burners

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