NKK CORPORATION: Annual Report 1998
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Major Products and Services


Pipes and Tubes:
Carbon, low alloy, and stainless seamless tubes; OCTG; butt-welded, ERW and SAW pipe for high-pressure and high- and low-temperature piping; line pipe; plastic-coated pipe; and galvanized pipe.

Plates for shipbuilding, construction, welded structures and automobile frames; low-carbon and high-strength steel plates, and plates for atmospheric corrosion-resistant and low-temperature use.

Hot-Rolled and Cold-Rolled Sheets:
Sheets for general and automotive use; sheets for deep drawing, extra-deep drawing, nonaging extradeep drawing, porcelain enameling; and vibration damping steel sheets.

Surface Treated Sheets:
Tinplate and sheets of the following types: tin-free, galvanized, electrogalvanized, zinc-alloy electroplated, paint-coated and electrical sheets.

Bars and Shapes:
Wide-flange beams and sheet piling; railroad rails and electric conductor rails.

Other Materials:
Polymer products, advanced metals, specialty metals and ferroalloys.


Energy Industries Engineering and Construction:
Oil/gas pipeline systems, storage systems, piping systems, submarine pipelines and offshore structures, oil/gas processing and treatment plants, power plants, diesel engines, gas engines, turbines and boilers, ultrasonic pig inspection services, district heating and cooling systems.

Environmental Industries Engineering and Construction:
Municipal refuse treatment systems, industrial waste recycle/disposal systems, composting systems, refuse transport systems.
Waterworks, water tanks, water and waste water treatment systems.

Iron and Steel Engineering and Construction:
Iron and steelmaking plants and equipment, engineering and consulting services, technical assistance, licensing.

Steel Structures, Machinery and Construction:
Bridges, building structures, hybrid caissons, submerged tunnels, closed composite segments, water gates, penstocks, cranes, pneumatic unloaders, shield tunneling machines, storage systems, vertical parking systems, pallet-less automobile warehouse, automated warehouse systems, computerized auction systems and material handling systems.

Shipbuilding and Offshore Structure Construction:
Bulk carriers, ore carriers, oil tankers, ore/bulk/oil carriers, LNG, LPG and ethylene carriers, cargo liners, cruise vessels, passenger-car ferries, car carriers, catamarans, icebreakers, dredgers, survey ships, highspeed catamarans, jackup drilling rigs, drill ships, pipelaying barges, work ships, plant barges, plant modules.

Concept Engineering and Consulting Services:
Wind power plants, superconducting cyclotron system for position emission tomography, deep seawater, all-season indoor skiing spots, water parks, waterslides, fountains, surfing pools.


Parallel-supercomputers, integrated CAD/CAM/CG.


CPUs (TX series embedded controllers), chipsets, network LSIs, 8/16 bit micro-controllers, ASSP/ASICs.


Urban development (residential facilities, business facilities, commercial facilities), development of condominiums, operation of leisure facilities (water parks, golf clubs).

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