April 23, 2001
Kawasaki Steel Corporation
NKK Corporation

Thyssen Krupp Steel AG, Kawasaki Steel Corporation, and NKK Corporation
Enter into Discussions on Global Strategic Collaboration

   NKK Corporation (President & CEO: Yoichi Shimogaichi) and Kawasaki Steel Corporation (President & CEO: Kanji Emoto) today said they had entered into discussions with Thyssen Krupp Steel AG (Chairman: Prof. Dr. Ekkehard Schulz) on potential global strategic collaboration among the three companies.

   The discussions, building upon the past negotiations between NKK and Thyssen Krupp Stahl AG, a subsidiary of Thyssen Krupp Steel AG, for the collaboration regarding the steel sheets for automotive use, aim at providing better service to customers with global activities by building collaboration among the three companies.

   Also, the areas of collaboration will include stainless steel, electrical steel sheets, tinplates and plates among others, in order to pursue optimum use of the key competencies of the three companies.

[Outline of Thyssen Krupp Steel]

  • Official Name:
  • Thyssen Krupp Steel AG
  • Head Office:
  • Duisburg, Germany
  • Chairman:
  • Prof. Dr. Ekkehard Schulz
  • Sales:
  • EU 12.7 Bil. (1999/2000)
  • Earning before Taxes
       and Minorities:
  • EU 606 Mil.
  • Main Products:
  • Carbon Steel (Hot-Rolled Steel, Cold-Rolled Steel, Coated Steel,Plates, Tinplates, Electrical Steel Sheets), Tailored Blanks, Stainless Steel, Nickel Base Alloys
  • Number of Employees:
  • 53,856 (as of Sep. 30th, 2000)

    Enquiries:   Public Relations Department, Kawasaki Steel Corporation Tel: +81-3-3597-3161
      Public Relations Department, NKK Corporation Tel: +81-3-3217-2140
     Public Relations Department, Thyssen Krupp Steel Tel: +49-203-52-26267


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