[Outline of Guangzhou Iron & Steel Enterprises Holdings Ltd.]

  • A group of state enterprises founded in 1958
      Location : Fangcun Country, Guangzhou, Guangdong Province
      Chairman : Mr. Yuan Jinxi
      President : Mr. Chen Jia Ling
      Capital : 2.2 billion yuan (capitalized entirely by the city of Guangzhou)
      Turnover : 12.4 billion yuan (year 2002)

  • The group is centered on two core steel companies, Guangzhou, Zhujiang, and includes a number of subsidiaries.
  • The group produced 2.01million tons of crude steel in 2002. Its main products are deformed bars, bars and hot rolled coils.

[Outline of : Nansha Development Zone, Guangzhou]

  • The development district is 60 km southeast of the city of Guangzhou and situated on the mouth of Zhujian. The district covers an area of 797km2. The district comprises a high-tech zone, a distribution zone and a heavy industry zone.
  • Development has been conducted by the Urban Development Bureau of the city of Guangzhou. The bureau intends to form a new center of economic development in the city and strengthen the competitiveness of the Zhujian delta region in the international arena. The delta region has a population of more than 40 million people, including almost all the cities of the delta within a radius of 100 km.
  • The infrastructure data for the joint venture
      Premises : Land preparation will be completed by the end of 2003. Total area is approximately 300,000m2.
      Port Facility : On the other side of the river, a 50,000 class public pier will be completed by 2004 and will be available for the operations of the joint venture.
      Roads : Highways and major road networks will be completed by 2004.
      Railways : Construction will start in 2006.
      Utilities : The supply of electricity, and water have already been prepared.