News Release



[12/15/2004] S
JFE Steel, JFE Shoji Trade, and AMCI Reach Basic Agreements on Acquisition of Interests in Australian Coal Mines and Long-Term Coking Coal Purchasing Contract
[11/17/2004] H
Consolidated Financial Results for the 1st Half of Fiscal Year ending March 31, 2005
[10/15/2004] S
Signing of the Call and Put Option Agreement on CST shares
[10/05/2004] S
Kobe Steel and JFE Steel further their welding alliance
[09/16/2004] S
JFE Steel Signs Contract with CVRD (Brazil) for Long-Term Iron Ore Supplies
[08/30/2004] H
Earnings Forecasts for Fiscal Year ending March 31, 2005 - Interim Dividend Withheld, Impairment Accounting Introduced - (Quarterly Results Disclosure)
[08/26/2004] S
JFE Steel to Establish Joint Venture with BHP Billiton at Yandi Iron Ore Mine and Open Sydney Office
[08/11/2004] S
Statement on Joint Implementation of Feasibility Study for Potential Integrated Steelworks Project in Nansha, Guangzhou, China
[07/23/2004] E
JFE Engineering to Take Stake in Changzhou Lucky Environmental Protection Equipment Engineering Co. in China
[07/16/2004] E
Thai TTP Awards Contract to JFE Engineering for No. 4 Electrolytic Tinning Line
[06/24/2004] E
JFE Engineering Rolls Out New Photocatalytic Air Purifier
[05/28/2004] H
Issuance of Euro Yen Zero Coupon Guaranteed Convertible Bonds due 2009
[05/20/2004] H
Consolidated Financial Results for the Fiscal Year ended March 31, 2004
[03/04/2004] H
JFE Holdings Announces Earnings Forecasts and Dividends for Fiscal Year ending March 31, 2004 (Disclosure of Quarterly Results Summary)
[02/26/2004] H
DME Development Successfully Tests 100 Ton/Day DME Direct Synthesis Demonstration Plant