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News Release



[11/28/2008] S
Signing MOU on Pelletizing Project in Oman
[11/19/2008] S
Italy's SCA Group Orders Gasifying and Direct Melting Plant
– First Plant in Growing European Market –
[10/29/2008] S
On-Board Testing of Ship Ballast Water Management System to Begin
– Compact System Offers Japan’s Largest Treatment Capacity –
[10/24/2008] H
Consolidated Financial Results for the First Half of Fiscal Year ending March 31, 2009
[10/17/2008] S
Japanese and Korean consortium announces basic agreement with CSN to acquire stake in Brazilian iron ore mining business
[07/31/2008] H
Financial Results for the First Quarter of Fiscal Year ending March 31, 2009
[05/22/2008] S
JFE Steel’s “J-Smile” Integrated System Honored for Global ICT Excellence
[04/18/2008] S
JFE Engineering Receives Order for Construction of Giant Rooftop Garden “Sky Park” in Singapore
[03/03/2008] S
JFE Steel Books Order from TransCanada for 52,000 Metric Tons of Grade X80 UOE Steel Pipe
[02/28/2008] S
JFE Steel to Raise Steelmaking Capacity at West Japan Works Fukuyama District Aiming to Achieve Companywide Annual Crude Steel Capacity of 33 Million Tons
[02/04/2008] h
Financial Results through Third Quarter of Fiscal Year ending March 31, 2008
[01/30/2008] S
Development of HITEN “JFE-HYD1100LE” Ultra High Strength Steel Plate with High Resistance to Delayed Fracture
- Expands Lineup of HOP-produced HITEN Plate Products -
[01/29/2008] S
Development of New Corrosion-Resistant Steel for Greater Safety of Crude Oil Tankers
[01/25/2008] S
JFE Steel and ThyssenKrupp Steel Develop New Ultrahigh-Strength Steel
[01/23/2008] S
Cooperative Technical Exchange Agreement between JFE Steel and U.S. Steel
[01/22/2008] S
Development of New Hot dip galvanizing Steel sheet “JFE ECOGAL™” based on 5%Al-Zn Alloy Coated Steel Sheet
- High-functional hot-dip galvanized steel sheet for construction materials, electrical equipments and general steel sheet markets -