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[07/31/2018] H
JFE Holdings’ Financial Results for First Quarter of Fiscal Year 2018 Ending March 31, 2019
[07/31/2018] H
Notice of Revised Financial Results Forecasts
[07/31/2018] H
Notice of Dividend Forecast for Fiscal 2018 (Ending March 31, 2019)
[06/07/2018] S
JFE’s Accounting System Overhaul Project
Earns Regional Choice Award in SAP Innovation Awards 2018
[06/05/2018] S
JFE Steel and Osaka University Establish Welding Research Laboratory
– Will develop welding and joining technologies to maximize iron and steel materials –
[05/24/2018] E
New Research Centre to Develop Advanced Waste to Energy Techniques and Knowledge in Singapore
- Research Collaboration with Nanyang Technological University -
[05/09/2018] S
JFE Steel’s Highly Weldable CO2 Arc Welding Technology Adopted
for Kumamoto Castle Reconstruction
[04/26/2018] H
Notice of Introduction of
Medium-to Long-term Performance-linked Remuneration for Directors,etc.
[04/26/2018] H
JFE Holdings’ Financial Results for Fiscal Year 2017 ended March 31, 2018
[04/26/2018] H
JFE Group’s Sixth Medium-term Business Plan
[04/23/2018] H
Notice of loss on valuation of shares
of subsidiaries and associates (Non-consolidated)
[04/02/2018] E
Operation of Project of Wastewater Treatment Plant for
Seien Area in Hamamatsu City Starts under Concession Scheme
[03/16/2018] E
JFE Engineering Establishes Global Remote Center (GRC)
For integrated monitoring of multiple product plants including overseas.
For use in power supply and demand adjustment by connecting power plants across Japan.
[03/15/2018] E
JFE Engineering to deliver City Gas Supply Facility to Ohgishima City Gas Supply Co., Ltd.
[03/06/2018] E
Strengthening Wireless LAN Product Lineup Usable in Hazardous Areas: Sales Launch of Japan’s First Explosive-Proof Access Point Compatible with the Latest Wireless Communication Standard
[03/02/2018] S
JFE Steel JV JFE Meranti Mynmar Breaks Ground on
Hot-dip Galvanizing and Color Coating Plant in Myanmar
[02/16/2018] E
JFE Engineering Receives Order for WtE Power Plant for Industrial Waste in Thailand
[02/13/2018] E
JFE Engineering Receives Order from Tokyo Gas Co., Ltd. for Ibaraki Trunk Line Gas
Pipeline Construction
[02/09/2018] E
JFE Engineering Group Company Receives Order for Waste-to-Energy Power Plant in
Scotland, U.K.
- Supply of High Operation Capacity Plant in Full-Turnkey Project -
[02/07/2018] E
JFE Engineering Group Company Receives Order
for Waste Heat Recovery Boiler in Germany
[02/01/2018] H
JFE Holdings’ Financial Results through Third Quarter of Fiscal Year 2017 Ending March 31, 2018
[02/01/2018] H
Notice of Revised Dividend Forecast for Fiscal 2017 (Ending March 31, 2018)
[01/04/2018] H
New Year's Message