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News Release



[08/09/2019] H
JFE Holdings’ Financial Results for First Quarter of Fiscal Year 2019 Ending March 31, 2020
[08/09/2019] H
Notice of Revised Financial Results Forecasts
[08/09/2019] H
Notice of Dividend Forecast for Fiscal 2019 (Ending March 31, 2020)
[07/23/2019] E
Completion of Lubricating Oil and Adhesive Production Plant in India
[06/17/2019] S
JFE Steel and CSIRO agree to collaborate on Long-term Research
[05/30/2019] S
JFE Steel Complaint against Chinese Counterfeiter of EVERHARD Steel Plates Upheld
[05/28/2019] H
JFE Endorses TCFD Report on Climate-related Financial Disclosures
[05/22/2019] E
JFE Engineering Group Company Receives Order for
Large-Scale Gas-Fired Boiler Equipment in Germany
[05/15/2019] T
The establishment of a steel service center in Mexico
[05/14/2019] H
JFE Holdings’ Financial Results for Fiscal Year 2018 ended March 31, 2019
[05/09/2019] T
Investment in Zhejiang r. bourgeois mechanics
[04/15/2019] S
JFE Steel Starts Mass Producing JATT® High-strength, High-elongation
Steel Sheet for Packaging Applications
– Enables enhanced formability and thinner-gauge products –
[03/15/2019] T
Investment in I.M.E(THAILAND)CO.,LTD.
[02/01/2019] H
JFE Holdings and JFE Steel Announce Executive Changes
[02/01/2019] H
JFE Holdings’ Financial Results through Third Quarter of Fiscal Year 2018 Ending March 31, 2019
[02/01/2019] H
Notice of Adoption of International Financial Reporting Standards
[01/23/2019] S
JFE Steel Joint Venture has Shipped Its First Cargo of Hard Coking Coal
[01/10/2019] S
JFE Steel’s 1310 MPa High-tensile Steel Sheet Adopted for First Time
in Cold-press-forming Vehicle Body-frame Parts
[01/07/2019] H
New Year’s Message