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News Letter (December)
markFukuyama Works Attains All-time Record in Plate Production Using Super-OLAC
markAdditional Secondary Refining Equipment to be Installed at Fukuyama
markNKK Group to Cooperate with Non-Profit Organization in Ocean Observation
markOrder Received for Continuous Pickling Line from Taiwan's Sheng Yu Steel
markNKK Marketing Plasma Melting System for Medical Waste Disposal
markJapan-Egypt Friendship Bridge Spanning Suez Canal Opens
mark"Snow Kaiser" Unveiled in Shikoku

mark Masayuki Hanmyo to Become New President of NKK  (12/21/2001)

mark Foundation of JFE Group  (12/21/2001)

mark NKK and Hitachi Zosen Sign Protocol to Integrate Shipbuilding Operations  (12/14/2001)

mark National Steel and U.S. Steel in Consolidation Talks  (12/09/2001)

News Letter (November)
markIdled No. 2 Blast Furnace at Keihin Works to be Rebuilt
markBottle Separation, Recycling Technologies Licensed to Austrian Company
markNKK Awarded Kenyan Oil Tank Farm Upgrade, Pipeline Construction Project
markNKK, Hitachi Zosen to Consolidate Ship Repair Operations at Tsurumi Works
markGranulated BF Slag to be Used as Sand Capping for Sea-Bottom Sediments

mark NKK, Sumitomo Heavy and Hitachi Zosen to Fully Integrate Steelworks Plant & Equipment Engineering Departments in JP Steel Plantech  (11/26/2001)

mark Fair Trade Commission Approves NKK-Kawasaki Steel Consolidation  (11/08/2001)

News Letter (October)
markNKK to Begin Delivery of Tailor-Welded Blank Sheets for Automotive Use
mark"NKK Delta-Eye" Automatically Detects, Marks Fine Surface Flaws of Steel Strip
markNKK to Play Key Role in Wind Power Generation Project in Mie Prefecture
markNKK Develops Power Generation CFB Boiler Fueled by Scrap Wood
markEnvironment Minister Observes Recycling Operations at Keihin Works
markNKK Chairman Miyoshi Attends World Skills Competition in Seoul

mark DME Commercialization Research Company Established  (10/10/2001)

News Letter (September)
markNew Ultra-low Sulfur Magnetic Steel Sheet & Strip Lower Core Loss
markFukuyama Works Sets New Pulverized Coal Injection Record
markJR West Orders NKK's Corrosion-Resistant Weathering Steel for Coastal Use
markNKK to Upgrade Electrogalvanizing Operations at Thai Mill
markNKK Delivers Bulk Carrier Fitted with First Ax-Bow
markNKK, Kawasaki Steel Cheer One Another on at Intercity Baseball Tournament
News Letter (July/Aug.)
markNKK Promoting Comprehensive Recycling Operations Aimed at Zero-Emissions
markNKK, Kawasaki Steel Consolidation Preparation Committee Organized
markNKK, Kawasaki City Establish Environment and Energy Liaison Center
markLarge Municipal Waste Disposal Plant Goes into Operation in Yokohama
mark"Marine Block" Wins Recycling Award
markNKK Publishes Environmental Report 2001

mark SP-700 Titanium Alloy to Be Listed in "MIL Handbook-5" in U.S.  (08/06/2001)

mark JSP, NKK Jointly Receive Order for Magnetic Steel Sheet Production Facility from China Steel  (08/02/2001)

mark NKK Wins Lawsuit Over Automotive Coated Steel Sheet  (07/27/2001)

mark Business Operations in the North America  (07/04/2001)
mark News reports concerning consolidation between NKK and Kawasaki Steel  (07/04/2001)

News Letter (June)
markNKK's Weathering Steel for Coastal Use Exclusively Employed in Road Bridges
markNKK to Invest ¥53 Billion in Plant and Equipment in Fiscal 2002
markNKK Stepping up Marketing Campaigns for Large-scale Wind Power Plants
markSuez Canal Bridge Connects Asia and Africa
markDivided "Megafloat" to Be Used as Leisure Fishing Park
News Letter (May)
markHome Electrical Appliance Recycling Plant Goes into Operation
mark780 N/mm2 Grade High-Strength Cold Rolled Steel Sheet Used in Auto Seat Frames
markNational Steel Names New Chairman
mark"Sun Glory" Carrying Steel Coil from Fukuyama Works to Thai Mills
markNKK's Zero-Slag Steelmaking, Waste Plastics Recycling Technologies Recognized
News Letter (April)
mark"Galflex Color" 55%Al-Zn Alloy Coated Steel Sheet Offers Ultrahigh Formability
markNKK Developing New Waste Incineration and Ash Treatment Stoker Furnace
markNKK Acquires Rights to Sell U.S. Firm's Solid Oxide Fuel Cells in Asia
markSP-700 Titanium Alloy Making Rapid Gains in Sporting Goods Market

mark Thyssen Krupp Steel AG, NKK Corporation, and Kawasaki Steel
Corporation Enter into Discussions on Global Strategic Collaboration

mark Consolidation of Entire Business between Kawasaki Steel and NKK  (04/13/2001)

mark JP Steel Plantech to Begin Operations in April  (03/26/2001)

News Letter (March)
markHigh Pressure Liquid Lubrication Method for Press Forming of Steel Sheets
mark"Orto Yokohama" Station-front Garden City Is Open
markOrders for Multipurpose Ballistic Waste Separators Increasing

mark High-Formability 780N/mm2 Grade High-Strength Steel Developed
by Applying Nanometer-size Precipitates

mark NKK, Hitachi Zosen Agree to Integrate Shipbuilding Operations  (02/23/2001)

mark Sales Company to be Established for Steelworks Plant and Equipment  (02/08/2001)

mark High-Performance Slab Reheating Furnace with Regenerative Burners
Begins Operation at NKK's Fukuyama Works

News Letter (Jan./Feb.)
markNKK Titanium-Clad Steel Plate for Power Plant Condenser Tubes
markNKK Dampers for Seismic Response Control Used in Tokyo High-Rise
markNKK to Supply Paper Sludge Incineration and Waste Heat Recovery Plant to Malaysia

mark NKK and DKK-TOA Collaborate on Dioxin Precursor Analyzer  (01/16/2001)

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