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mark NKK Develops Innovative, Highly Efficient Natural Gas Hydrate Production Technology  (12/12/2002)
mark Benefits of Cooperative Effort Realized as ThyssenKrupp Stahl Wins Orders from Toyota Motor Europe Manufacturing for Steel Sheets  (11/19/2002)
mark Fiscal 2003 Earnings Forecast for JFE Holdings, Inc. [pdf 1P/82.3KB]  (09/06/2002)
mark NKK Announces Fiscal 2003 Earnings Forecast and Interim Dividend [pdf 3P/64KB]  (09/06/2002)
News Letter (September)
markConsolidation Marks Launch of JFE Group
markSteel Coils Inspected by Delta-Eye System Adopted by Toyota Motor
markMalacca-max Oil Tanker Delivered
markNKK Receives Order to Install Two New Compressors for Thai Gas Company
markGovernment Environmental Officials Tour Recycling Facilities at Keihin Works
markLarge-Diameter Steel Screw-Piles Approved for Tall Building Foundations
mark 100 Tons/Day DME Direct Synthesis Pilot Plant Project Begins  (07/29/2002)
mark NKK to Begin Commercial Production of X100-grade Line Pipe  (07/16/2002)
News Letter (July/Aug.)
markNKK Chromium-Free Coated Steel Sheets to be Used in Home Appliances
markNKK, Kawasaki Steel and ThyssenKrupp Steel Hold First Executive Meeting
mark"Delta-Eye" Surface Inspection System Installed at Continuous Annealing Line
markDongkuk Steel of Korea Places Order for Endless Bar Rolling System
markNKK Displays DME-Fueled Vehicle at "Eco Car World 2002"
markWater Slides Added to Recreation Park in Shikoku
News Letter (June)
markNKK to Increase Capital Spending by 7% in Fiscal 2003
markKokan Drum, Kawasaki Steel Container Agree to Form JFE Container
markNKK to Supply Large-Diameter UO Pipe for Western Australian Gas Pipeline Project
markNKK-Built Bulk Carrier Featuring Ax-Bow Receives "Ship of the Year 2001" Award
markNKK to Market New Energy-Efficient Waste Incineration Stoker System
markSuper-OLAC H Introduced at Hot Strip Mill for Automotive Steel Sheet Production
mark Conclusion of the Agreement for Consolidation of Kawasaki Steel and NKK  (05/09/2002)
News Letter (May)
markNKK, Kawasaki Steel Hold Joint Reporting Sessions
markFully Integrated JP Steel Plantech Co. Begins Operations
markNKK Uses Steelmaking Slag in Marine Environment Improvement Tests
markNKK to Develop Sewage Sludge Acid Fermentation Technology
markNKK Group to Launch PET Bottle Recycling Business
mark Kawasaki Steel, NKK and ThyssenKrupp Steel Sign Comprehensive Cooperation Agreement  (04/08/2002)
News Letter (April)
markStainless-Clad Steel Plate to be Supplied for UAE Desalination Plant Construction
markNKK to Participate in RDF-Based Power Generation Project
markNKK Enters Waste Incinerator Dismantling Business
markNKK Wins Okochi Technology Prize for Steel Strip Inspection System
mark Comment on Negotiations with ThyssenKrupp Steel Regarding Possible Strategic Alliance  (03/14/2002)
mark NKK Announces Earnings Projection for Fiscal 2002 - Dividend to be Suspended -  (03/07/2002)
mark NKK's US Subsidiary National Steel Corporation Files for Chapter 11 Reorganization Protection  (03/06/2002)
News Letter (March)
markMasayuki Hammyo Becomes New President of NKK
mark"Super E-Core" 6.5%-Silicon Magnetic Steel Sheet Attracts Brisk Orders
markLinux-Based Galvanizing Process-Control System Wins Information System Award
markNKK to Market Canadian Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Power Systems
markKokan Drum to Strengthen Alliance with Dynetek in Fuel Cylinder Field
markNew Technology Recycles Aluminum-liner Carbon-FRP Oxygen Containers

mark NKK Begins DME Vehicle Road Tests  (02/27/2002)

mark Kawasaki Steel and NKK Unveil Details of New JFE Group   (02/18/2002)

mark Consortium Establishes DME Development Co., Ltd.  (02/05/2002)

mark NKK, National Steel and U.S. Steel Conclude Option Agreement  (01/17/2002)

News Letter (Jan./Feb.)
markNew Bangkok Office Head Named
markNKK Establishes Integrated System for Tube-Hydroforming Auto Parts
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