June 18, 2001    

Divided "Megafloat" to Be Used as
Leisure Fishing Park

In late April, a huge floating steel structure measuring 120 meters long and 60 meters wide was towed off Ise Bay from NKK's Tsu Works, heading to the coast of nearby Nansei-cho, Mie Prefecture. The local municipal fisheries association, which bought the floating "island," partly funded by the prefectural government, plans to develop a leisure fishing park on it.

The floating steel structure is part of the 1km-long runway of the "Megafloat" model airport built off Tokyo Bay, on which extensive aircraft landing and takeoff trials were carried out during 1999-2000. After the Technological Research Association of Megafloat, made up of 17 ship-builders and steelmakers, including NKK, successfully completed a series of tests, the model airport was dismantled and the divided six units were returned to each manufacturer for reutilization. The second-largest unit manufactured by NKK was towed back to the Tsu Works in November 2000 for refitting and maintenance in preparation for its new role.

The municipal fisheries association is building the new leisure fishing park on the floating structure, around which nets will be laid to release a stock of fish in the enclosed waters. The park, which will also have a pool and other sports facilities, is set to open in June.

This NKK-built floating steel structure will serve anew as a leisure fishing park. (photo: Asahi Shimbun)

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