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JFE Group CSR Report

CSR REPORT Download specific part(s) of document

Contents (PDF 191KB)

Message from the CEO (PDF 271KB)

JFE Group Vision (PDF 1.8MB)

Corporate Vision/Business Conduct (PDF 283KB)

JFE Group Value Chain (PDF 596KB)

Value of Steel (PDF 1.3MB)

CSR Management (PDF 3.6MB)

Material CSR Issues (PDF 2.6MB)

CSR Structure (PDF 1.2MB)

Supply Chain Management (PDF 216KB)

Environment (PDF 9.3MB)

Environmental Management (PDF 352KB)

Development and Provision of Eco-friendly Processes and Products (PDF 2.0MB)

Material Flow (PDF 692KB)

Climate Change (Climate Change Mitigation) (PDF 2.6MB)

JFE Group's Response to the TCFD (PDF 2.1MB)

Steel Industry Initiatives (PDF 513KB)

Prevention of Pollution (Protecting the Global Atmosphere and Water) (PDF 975KB)

Efficient Use of Resources (Resource Recycling) (PDF 1.0MB)

Water Security (Conservation of Water Resources) (PDF 494KB)

Biodiversity (Initiatives to Preserve Biodiversity) (PDF 253KB)

Environmental Communication (PDF 311KB)

Social (PDF 1.4MB)

Customer Responsibility (Provide Quality Products and Enhance Customer Satisfaction) (PDF 490KB)

Occupational Health and Safety (PDF 605KB)

Labor Standards (Recruit and Nurture Diverse Human Resources) (PDF 340KB)

Action Plan based on the Act on Promotion of Women's Participation and Advancement in the Workplace (PDF 199KB)

Human Rights (Respect for Human Rights) (PDF 257KB)

Community (PDF 489KB)

Shareholders and Investors (PDF 205KB)

Governance (PDF 1.1MB)

Corporate Governance (PDF 851KB)

Compliance (including Anti-corruption) (PDF 339KB)

Risk Management (PDF 271KB)

Tax Transparency (PDF 192KB)

ESG Date (PDF 610KB)

Environmental Data (PDF 390KB)

Social Data (PDF 249KB)

Governance Date (PDF 245KB)

Independent Assurance Statement (PDF 291KB)

External Evaluations and Awards (PDF 494KB)

External ESG Evaluations (PDF 285KB)

External Awards (PDF 287KB)

Third-party Comments (PDF 306KB)

Editorial Policy (PDF 252KB)

Guideline Indices (PDF 345KB)

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