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Contents・Editorial Policy(PDF 51KB)

JFE Group’s CSR(PDF 58KB)

Message from the CEO(PDF 113KB)

Businesses to Ensure Sustainable Societies(PDF 663KB)

JFE Group Value Chain(PDF 492KB)

Value of Steel(PDF 116KB)

Material CSR Issues of the JFE Group(PDF 144KB)

Management(PDF 213KB)

Protecting the Global Environment (PDF 1.7MB)

Special Feature: JFE’s Initiatives on Climate Change(PDF 318KB)

Environmental Management(PDF 92KB)

Material Flow(PDF 95KB)

Climate Change Mitigation(PDF 510KB)

Protecting the Global Atmosphere and Water(PDF 428KB)

Initiatives to Preserve Biodiversity(PDF 187KB)

Resource Recycling(PDF 263KB)

Environmental Communication(PDF 221KB)

Contributing to Societal Development (PDF 373KB)

Customers(PDF 80KB)

Suppliers(PDF 54KB)

Shareholders and Investors(PDF 50KB)

Local Communities(PDF 239KB)

Employees(PDF 148KB)

External Awards(PDF 203KB)

Independent Assurance Statement(PDF 132KB)

Third-party Comments(PDF 59KB)

GRI Content Index(PDF 85KB)

Comparison with Environmental Reporting Guidelines 2018(PDF 51KB)

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