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News Release



[12/24/2010] S
West Japan Works (Kurashiki) Starts Up Second Battery in No. 6 Coke Oven
[12/24/2010] S
Japanese Group Completes Acquisition of Vietnamese Spiral Steel Maker
– Company Relaunched as J-Spiral Steel Pipe –
[11/18/2010] S
World’s First Development of Ultra-Low Cost CO2 Capture and Storage Technology
– JFE’s Original Hydrate Process Technology Cuts Cost by Half –
[11/15/2010] S
JFE Steel, Maruichi Steel Tube and Toyota Tsusho to Acquire Spiral Steel Pipe Maker in Vietnam
[10/22/2010] S
JFE Steel to Construct Continuous Galvanizing Line for Autos in Thailand
[10/22/2010] H
JFE Holdings’ Financial Results in First Half of Fiscal Year 2010 ending March 31, 2011
[10/15/2010] H
Hajime Bada, President and CEO of JFE Holdings, Named Chairman of World Steel Association
[10/14/2010] S
JFE Steel and GMH Holding Reach Technical Collaboration Agreement on Steel Products for Energy Field Mainly Focused on Steel Bars
[09/01/2010] S
Full-scale Entry into Solar Thermal Energy Plant Business
– Steam Recovery Demonstration Experiment of Integrated System from Heat Collection to Power Generation Successfully Completed –
[08/27/2010] H
Support for Victims of Torrential Rain Disasters in China
[08/25/2010] S
JFE Steel Develops World's First Large-Scale Bending Test Rig for Large-Diameter, High-Strength Linepipe
— Demonstrated 48-inch HIPER®’s High-Strain Capacity —
[07/27/2010] H
JFE Holdings’ Financial Results in First Quarter of Fiscal Year 2010 Ending March 31, 2011
[07/27/2010] H
Notice of Revisions of Financial Results Forecasts
[07/27/2010] H
Notice of Revised Dividend Forecast for Fiscal 2010 (Ending March 31, 2011)
[07/27/2010] S
JFE Steel and JSW Steel Take First Concrete Step in Strategic Cooperation
[07/26/2010] S
JFE Steel to Acquire 24% Stake in Pancheng Yihong Pipe in China
[06/24/2010] E
Commercial Application of First Japanese-made Ballast Water Management System, JFE BallastAce
–The First Retrofit of a BWMS among Japanese Carriers–
[06/23/2010] E
Arrangement of Cooperation Agreement on Geothermal Binary Power Plant Projects
[06/16/2010] H
JFE Holdings Announces Executive Resignation
[06/16/2010] S
No.3 Blast Furnace at West Japan Works (Fukuyama) to Be Revamped
[06/16/2010] S
JFE Steel Completes Expansion of Steelmaking Capacity of West Japan Works' Fukuyama Area
– One Step Closer to Annual Crude Steel Capacity of 33 Million Tons –
[06/01/2010] E
JFE Engineering Launches Organization to Commercialize Super-Rapid Charging System for Electric Vehicles
– Practical System Enabling Charging in 3 Minutes Opens the Way to the Future for Electric Vehicles
[05/14/2010] E
JFE Engineering Enters LED Lighting Sales Business
[04/21/2010] H
Financial Results for the Fiscal Year ended March 31, 2010
[04/21/2010] H
Notice of Differences between Financial Results Forecasts and Actual Results for Fiscal Year Ended March 31, 2010
[04/21/2010] H
Notice of Dividend from Retained Earnings
[04/20/2010] E
JFE BallastAce Receives Final Approval from IMO
– Complete Lineup for All Ships, Acceleration of Sales –
[04/13/2010] S
JFE Steel Develops Wear-Resistant “SP3” Head-Hardened Premium Rail
– First Shipment Made to BNSF Railway in United States –
[02/24/2010] H
JFE Holdings and JFE Steel Announce Executive Changes
[02/05/2010] S
JFE Steel and Mycron Steel Sign Agreement for Strategic Collaboration
[02/05/2010] H
Support for Earthquake Victims in Haiti
[01/29/2010] H
Financial Results through Third Quarter of Fiscal Year ending March 31, 2010
[01/29/2010] H
Notice of Revision to Dividend Forecast for Fiscal Year Ending March 31, 2010
[01/28/2010] S
JFE Steel Corporation & Marubeni-Itochu Steel Inc. Received 172,000 tons of Line Pipe Order for Chevron Gorgon Project
[01/04/2010] H
New Year's Message for 2010