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News Release

JFE Holdings, Inc.

2016 New Year’s Message to Employees
Eiji Hayashida
President and CEO, JFE Holdings

Eiji Hayashida
President and CEO

Happy New Year and greetings as we begin 2016!

The Japanese economy generally improved last year, thanks partly to the improved performance of the private sector. Since last summer, however, stagnation in the materials industry triggered by China’s economic slowdown has overshadowed the steel industry and other industries as well. JFE has not been immune to this trend. This year will be a test of our abilities to address diverse challenges on a sustainable basis.

Target Initiatives

In April 2016, we will enter the second year of our fifth medium-term business plan for the period from April 2015 to March 2018. Our business environment has become even harsher than we had expected, so we are taking practical steps to implement the plan’s five group-wide measures:

  • Strengthen our domestic profit base
  • Enhance corporate value through technological advantages
  • Increase overseas business profitability
  • Secure and nurture diverse human resources
  • Establish a corporate structure for sustainable growth

Our Mindset

This year, I am asking you to reconsider our corporate vision and values as you go about your work.

As stated in our corporate vision, JFE’s mission is to contribute to society with world-leading technological innovation. We are pursuing a mission of helping global society overcome a number of pressing challenges. If JFE is to remain a relevant company over the next one or two decades, each of our operating companies and each of our employees must adopt a challenging spirit to contribute to society with our world-leading technology.

My motto is to maintain a sense of crisis in times of peace and a sense of peace in times of crisis. If you are confronting a crisis, I urge you to act calmly so that you can develop new ideas and take action. Think flexibly to work positively.

I also urge you to reconsider the importance of being sincere. Last year, a number of companies in Japan and overseas were found to be engaging in fraudulent acts, resulting in a loss of public trust. Our business continuity depends vitally on maintaining public trust. So please never forget that as a member of JFE, you must always maintain a strong sense of professional ethics. Work sincerely and treat people sincerely.

In Closing

Having shared my thoughts as we begin a new year together, I will close by encouraging you to take good care of yourself, both physically and mentally throughout the year. I extend my very best wishes to you and your family for a prosperous 2016!