Addressing Climate Change Issues

In May 2021, the JFE Group formulated the JFE Group Environmental Vision for 2050 with the aim of becoming carbon neutral by 2050, positioning climate change initiatives as one of the most important issues in its Seventh Medium-term Business Plan as it moves to a new stage of growth.
In order to realize a sustainable society, we will strive to increase our corporate value by reducing the JFE Group’s CO2 emissions through our own technologies and by contributing to the reduction of CO2 emissions throughout society.

JFE Group Environmental Vision for 2050

The JFE Group is vigorously advancing initiatives to deal with climate change as a part of its aim to become carbon neutral by 2050.

  • We recognize climate change as a serious management issue and aim to become carbon neutral by 2050.
  • We intend to develop super-innovative technologies by accelerating R&D in new technologies.
  • We aim to improve corporate value, and view reductions in CO2 emissions across society as a whole as a business opportunity.
  • We will systematically work to resolve climate change problems while reflecting TCFD concepts in our management strategies.

1. Initiatives in the Seventh Medium-term Business Plan

Steel business: Reduce steel business CO2 emissions by 18% in FY2024 vs. FY2013
Groupwide GX investment under the Seventh Medium-term Business Plan: ¥340 billion

2. Initiatives for carbon neutrality by 2050

1) Reduce CO2 emissions at JFE Steel
  • Pursue super-innovative technologies mainly for carbon-recycling blast furnaces and Carbon Capture and Utilization (CCU)
  • Develop hydrogen-based ironmaking (direct-reduction) technology, maximize use of electric arc furnace technology, etc.
2) Expand contributions to CO2 emissions reduction in society
  • Engineering business: Expand and develop renewable energy power generation and carbon-recycling technologies
  • Targets for CO2 emissions reductions: 12 million tons by FY2024, 25 million tons by FY2030
  • Steel business: Develop and market eco-products and eco-solutions
  • Trading business: Increase trading in biomass fuels, steel scrap, etc. and strengthen supply chain management (SCM) for eco-products
3) Accelerate Groupwide commercialization of offshore wind power business
JFE’s Internal and External CO2 Emission Reduction
JFE Steel’s Transition to Low-carbon Processes
JFE Steel’s Carbon Neutrality Vision 2050

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