Shareholder and Investor Engagement

1. Basic Concept

We work to disclose information accurately, fairly and in a timely and appropriate manner as well as strive for active communication. We established the Investor Relations and Corporate Communications Department as an organization responsible for communication with domestic and international shareholders and investors, and to promote constructive dialogue as well as provide management with the information acquired, with the aim of maintaining and improving the relationship of trust.


2. Major Communication Methods and Frequency, etc.

FY2021 results

Major Communication Methods, etc. Frequency
(per year)
Scale, etc.
Ordinary general meeting of shareholders
(convocation notices, notices of resolution, etc.)
1 Approx. 150,000
Investors meeting
(financial results, medium-term businessplan, etc.)
7 Approx. 1,000
persons in total
Individual meeting
(financial results, medium-term businessplan, etc.)
As needed Approx. 380
persons in total
Briefings 2 (online) Approx. 10,000
Plant tours for shareholders
(steel, engineering, shipbuilding bases) *1
23 Approx. 1,800
Publishing shareholder newsletters (JFE Dayori) 2
(mid-year and annual)
Approx. 280,000
Various reports, including integrated reports and Sustainability reports *2 1 Approx. 24,000
Information via websites
(for shareholders and investors), etc.
As needed  

*1 FY2019 results; plant tours were canceled in FY2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

*2 Number of issues published is for the integrated report; Sustainability report is only posted online.