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Disclosure Policy
(Translation for reference only)

1. Basic Princple

To help shareholders, investors and all other stakeholders gain the best-possible understanding of JFE Holdings, we disclose important corporate information accurately, fairly and in a timely and appropriate manner. Our disclosure policy accords with all applicable laws and regulations in Japan, including the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act and the Rules on Timely Disclosure of Corporate Information by Issuers of Listed Securities (“Timely Disclosure Rules”) established by the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

2. How We Disclose Information

We disclose information applicable to the Timely Disclosure Rules via the Timely Disclosure Network (“TDnet”) provided by the Tokyo Stock Exchange. Information that we disclose on TDnet is also readily available on our website. For information that is not applicable to the Timely Disclosure Rules, we also adhere to the policy of making timely disclosures and take care to ensure that such information is communicated to investors in an appropriate manner and as accurately and fairly as possible.

3. Quiet Period

We designate a fixed period before any financial results announcement as a “quiet period” to prevent the unauthorized disclosure of financial information and to ensure fairness. The quiet period is generally from the day following the close of each financial quarter to the day of the announcement. During this period, we do not comment on or respond to inquiries about our financial results. However, we disclose information on TDnet as appropriate in the event of any significant deviation from our publicly announced business forecasts during a quiet period.

4. Forecasts

Business forecasts and plans published on our website represent future projections made at our discretion unless such forecasts or plans are based on historical facts. These forecasts and plans reflect decisions and assumptions based on information available to us at the time of publication. Please note that publicly announced business results may deviate from forecasts due to the impact of uncertain factors that may occur, including changes in economic conditions, laws or other factors

5. Investment Decisions

The information provided on this website is not intended to solicit investors. Exclusive reliance on the information provided on this website to make investment decisions is not advised. Any investment decision made by the reader is entirely at their own risk.