Society (Executive Summary)

Society (Executive Summary)

The mission of the JFE Group is to establish its position as a company that is essential for the sustainable development of society and to create safe, comfortable lives for people everywhere. Through our efforts to address social issues, such as investing in human capital by ensuring occupational safety and health and recruiting and nurturing diverse human resources, and by respecting human rights across the supply chain, we intend to achieve the sustainable growth of the Group and become an entity that continues to develop and provide safe, high-quality products and services based on our leading technologies.

The key measures of our Seventh Medium-term Business Plan include safety and health management, the active participation of human resources, respect for human rights throughout the supply chain, and contribution to local communities.

Ensuring the well-being and safety of our employees is the foundation of our continued existence as a company, and we are committed to creating a safe work environment by adhering to the philosophy of safety first. To achieve our top-priority goal of zero major accidents, we are bolstering our capital investments and safety education programs while utilizing multifaceted occupational employee health and safety services, including monitoring and detection, that incorporate advanced IT solutions.

In recruiting and nurturing diverse human resources, we hire diverse human resources, fostering those who serve as the backbone of our business, create workplace environments and systems for employees to fully demonstrate their abilities with a sense of fulfillment, and realize new workstyles not restricted by time or location.

With the belief that respect for human rights is foundational for business as well as a corporate social responsibility, we have been taking action to realize a society in which human rights are respected and protected. We have been conducting human rights due diligence since FY2021 in accordance with the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights. In April 2023, we revised the JFE Group Human Rights Basic Policy in light of recent changes in awareness and issues related to human rights. We will continue to promote Group-wide efforts as well as seeking cooperation from all stakeholders including our supply chain to respect and protect human rights. Regarding contribution to local communities, it is important to cooperate and collaborate with society as we carry out our corporate activities globally. By actively contributing to those communities, we hope to achieve sustainable growth for both our businesses and society at large.

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