Human Capital

Basic Policy

The JFE Group intends to establish its position as a company that is essential to the sustainable development of society while also creating safe, comfortable lives for people everywhere. So that it can continue to enhance corporate value under an increasingly complex and rapidly changing business environment, each and every employee must be able to provide support. We established the JFE Group's Basic Policy on Human Resource Management and the JFE Group Health Declaration and are working on measures to maximize the abilities and vitality of our employees by investing in human capital.

Occupational safety and health depends upon ensuring employee well-being and safety as a basic corporate requirement, particularly for manufacturers, and is fundamental to the continued existence of any company. The JFE Group adheres to the philosophy of safety first, and, together with its Group companies and partner companies, is promoting safety and health activities and effectively operating an occupational health and safety management system to promote a safe and healthy workplace. Furthermore, the Group seeks to create safe, attractive environments where everyone can enjoy working and aggressively promotes the establishment of settings in which personnel with diverse backgrounds can demonstrate their full potential. To that end, it collaborates with its health insurance union and industrial health staff to maintain and strengthen employee health so that everyone can work with vigor.

To recruit and nurture diverse human resources, we are working to secure diverse human resources and foster human resources who serve as the backbone of our business, create workplace environments and systems for employees to fully demonstrate their abilities with a sense of fulfillment, and realize new workstyles that are not restricted by time or location.

JFE Group's Basic Policy on Human Resource Management

  1. 1Respect Human Rights and Facilitate Fair Management of Human Resources

    The Group manages human resources fairly by respecting the human rights of all employees and nurturing employees who embrace the Group's corporate values and standards of business conduct.

  2. 2Foster a Corporate Culture that Nurtures People and Promotes Satisfying Workplaces

    The Group facilitates interactive communication among employees to cultivate a corporate culture that nurtures human resources and creates safe, attractive environments where everyone can enjoy working.

  3. 3Diversify Human Resources

    The Group ensures that diverse all people, including women, non-Japanese, the elderly and the disabled, can demonstrate their full potential.

  4. 4Recruit and Steadily Nurture Excellent Human Resources

    To survive in an increasingly complicated and diversified business environment, the Group steadily recruits diverse, high-quality skilled human resources, ensures that they receive the skills and knowledge necessary to continue strengthening the Group's technological capabilities, and nurtures their global capabilities.

  5. Poster displayed at each workplace

    Poster displayed at each workplace

JFE Group Health Declaration

  1. 1

    JFE, recognizing that safety and health are fundamental for fulfilling its mission, creates workplaces in which every employee can work with vigor.

  2. 2

    JFE and its health insurance union work together to advance initiatives for maintaining and upgrading the physical and mental health of employees and their families.

  3. 3

    JFE gives top priority to safety and health and to creating a health culture in which each employee takes personal responsibility.

Targets and Results

Having identified the prevention of workplace accidents and ensuring of the health of employees and their families as material issues related to occupational safety and health, the JFE Group has set KPIs to manage progress and promote relevant initiatives.

To prevent occupational accidents, it is committed to creating a safe work environment by adhering to the philosophy of safety first. To achieve our top-priority goal of zero major accidents, as set forth in the Seventh Medium-term Business Plan, we will bolster safety education and require stringent compliance with related rules while further striving to reduce occupational health and safety risks by actively making each facility inherently safe. To ensure the health of our employees and their families, we are implementing health and productivity management by setting targets for the provision rate of health guidance and smoking rates.

Moreover, as defined in the JFE Group's Basic Policy on Human Resource Management, we are committed to fostering a nurturing corporate culture, creating satisfying workplaces, diversifying human resources, and recruiting and steadily nurturing excellent human resources. We have set KPIs for diversity and inclusion, the promoting of human resource development, and the creation of motivating workplaces as key management issues related to recruiting and nurturing diverse human resources, to manage progress and promote relevant initiatives.

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