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[10/05/2017] E
[10/04/2017] E
Completion of Composite-type Biomass Facilities in Toyohashi City
– Startup of Japan’s Largest Composite Biomass Power PFI Project –
[08/03/2017] E
Announcement of Consolidation of JFE Environmental Service Corporation
and Recycling Management Japan, Inc.
[08/03/2017] E
Announcement of Consolidation of JFE Kankyo Corporation
and Japan Recycling Corporation
[08/01/2017] H
JFE Holdings’ Financial Results in First Quarter of Fiscal Year 2017 Ending March 31, 2018
[08/01/2017] H
Notice of Financial Results Forecasts
[08/01/2017] H
Notice of Dividend Forecast for Fiscal 2017 (Ending March 31, 2018)
[06/28/2017] S
JFE Steel to Supply 230,000 Tons of Line Pipe for Thailand’s 5th Transmission Pipeline
— Company’s Largest-ever Order for Heavy Sour-service Gas Pipe —
[06/27/2017] S
JFE Steel’s JV Holds Groundbreaking Ceremony
for Auto Steel Sheet Plant in Mexico
[06/26/2017] S
JFE Steel’s Anti-corrosion Seamless Pipe Deployed in PETRONAS Gas Field
— First Commercial Use of JFE-UHP®-17CR-110 —
[06/12/2017] E
JFE Engineering Receives Order for Renovation Work of
Largest Water Purification Plant in the Philippines
[05/29/2017] E
Start of Operation of Smart Agriculture Plant in Sapporo
– Second Production Base Following Plant in Tomakomai City,
Completion Ceremony Held May 26 –
[05/08/2017] S
JFE Steel Joint Venture to Begin Construction Work on
Byerwen Coal Project in Queensland
[04/27/2017] H
JFE Holdings’ Financial Results for Fiscal Year 2016 ended March 31, 2017
[04/27/2017] H
Notice of Difference between Forecasted Financial Results and Actual Results for Fiscal Year Ended March 31, 2017(April 27, 2017)
[04/27/2017] H
Dividend of Retained Earnings
[04/14/2017] E
JFE Engineering Receives Order for First Shaft-type Gasifying
and Direct Melting Furnace in Southeast Asia
– Research Collaboration with Nanyang Technological University in Singapore –
[04/13/2017] E
JFE Engineering Introduces Telework Work System
[04/10/2017] E
Opening Ceremony for Myanmar’s First Waste to Energy Plant.
[04/07/2017] E
JFE Engineering receives order for the Biomass Co-fired power plant, Ofunato in Japan
[03/31/2017] E
Start of Sale of J Farm High Sugar Content Tomatoes in Hong Kong
– Following Sales in Singapore, Shipments to High-End Supermarket in Hong Kong –
[03/30/2017] S
JFE Steel Acquires 1.48% Stake in Indonesian Pipe and Steel Maker SPINDO
[03/01/2017] E
JFE Engineering receives order for the biggest Biomass-fired power plant, Buzen in Japan
[02/28/2017] E
JFE Engineering signs MOU with TEPCO in Renewable Energy
and Municipal Infrastructure Services Fields
– Strategic alliance between power company and engineering company
in utility infrastructure services –
[02/23/2017] S
JFE Steel Establishes JV in Vietnam to Sell Processed Construction Materials
[02/14/2017] T
Investment in Coated Steel Manufacturer in Vietnam
[02/08/2017] E
JFEE to Deliver 112MWe CFB Boiler Power Plant
-Large Scale and High Efficiency Power Generation by Co-firing of Coal and Biomass Fuel-
[02/02/2017] E
Start of Joint Energy Supply Business with Iwata City, Shizuoka Prefecture
– Japan’s First Supply of Heat and Electricity by Government-Private Sector Collaboration –
[02/01/2017] E
JFE Engineering Receives Order for Bridge Improvement Work on National Trunk Road in Laos
– First Adoption of JFE’s “River Bridge” in ODA Project –
[01/31/2017] H
JFE Holdings’ Financial Results through Third Quarter of Fiscal Year 2016 Ending March 31, 2017
[01/31/2017] H
Notice of Revisions of Financial Results Forecasts for Fiscal Year 2016
[01/31/2017] H
Notice of Revised Dividend Forecast for Fiscal 2016 (Ending March 31, 2017)