JFE Group and Sustainability 2023

JFE Group and Sustainability

We will fully leverage the Group’s resources to achieve our environmental and social sustainability in balance with economic sustainability, and we will enhance our corporate value over the medium to long term while ultimately contributing to the development of a sustainable society.

This report emphasizes measures and initiatives from the environmental, social, and governance perspectives.
For details of our medium- to long-term strategies and value creation, please refer to our Integrated Report, DX REPORT, and other reference materials.

  • JFEグループ環境経営ビジョン2050
  • 経営上の重要課題とKPI
  • JFEグループ第7次中期経営計画
  • TCFD推奨シナリオ分析

Message from the CEO

Biggest Transformation in the Company’s History, Aimed at Achieving Global Success for the Future Prosperity of the Earth

Representative Director, President and CEO Koji Kakigi