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News Release



[08/12/2020] HD
JFE Holdings’ Financial Results for First Quarter of Fiscal Year 2020 Ending March 31, 2021
[08/12/2020] HD
Notice of Revised Financial Results Forecasts and Dividend Forecasts
[08/04/2020] ST
Thermal Cutting Guideline for JFE Steel’s Abrasion-resistant Steel Plate EVERHARD
Now Available in Four Languages
[07/20/2020] ST
JFE Steel Launches Center for In-house Digital-transformation Initiatives
[07/16/2020] ST
Nine companies have started “Ship Carbon Recycling WG” of Japan’s CCR Study Group
- Cross-industry initiatives for zero-emission ship fuels through methanation technology -
[07/08/2020] HD
JFE Added to ESG-focused FTSE4Good Index Series and FTSE Blossom Japan Index
[07/08/2020] ST
JFE Steel Finishes Global Deployment of Noncontact Control Technology for Steel Sheet Galvanizing
New system ensures stable supply of high-quality galvanized steel sheets
[07/06/2020] ST
JFE Steel and Tohoku University Establish Collaborative Research Laboratory of
Advanced Analysis Technology for Steelmaking Processes
[06/30/2020] EN
J&T Recycling Corporation Launches New Joint Venture Company to Develop Innovative Anellotech Plas-TCat Plastics Recycling Technology
[06/25/2020] ST
Measures to Prevent the Spread of COVID-19
[06/24/2020] EN
First Launching JFE Engineering’s Special Seismic Steel Pipe in Canada
[05/12/2020] HD
JFE Holdings’ Financial Results for Fiscal Year 2019 ended March 31, 2020
[03/31/2020] EN
JFE Engineering Completes Acquisition of Shares of Mitsui E&S Plant Engineering Inc.
[03/27/2020] HD
Notice of Impairment Loss on Business Assets
[03/27/2020] HD
Notice of Revised Financial Results Forecasts
[03/27/2020] HD
JFE Steel to Optimize Domestic Production Operations through Structural Reforms
[03/06/2020] SH
Change of corporatenamein English
[03/05/2020] EN
JFE Engineering Group Receives Order for Waste Heat Recovery Boilers in Germany
[03/05/2020] ST
NUCOR-JFE STEEL MEXICO Begins Operating Hot-dip Galvanized Steel Sheet Production
Facility for Automotive Applications
[02/27/2020] ST
Color-coating Line for Flat-steel Products Begins Operating in Myanmar
[02/12/2020] HD
JFE Holdings’ Financial Results through Third Quarter of Fiscal Year 2019 Ending March 31, 2020
[02/12/2020] HD
Notice of Revised Financial Results and Dividend Forecasts
[02/05/2020] ST
JFE Steel’s Lecture Series for Steel Structure Engineers in Vietnamese Universities
— Lecture series’ contributions to Vietnamese infrastructure development through steel —
[01/30/2020] SH
Merger of JFE Shoji Trade Steel Construction Materials Corporation and JFE Shoji Usuitakenzai Corporation
[01/06/2020] HD
New Year’s Message