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News Release



[04/01/2021] ST
JFE Steel to expand electrical steel sheet production capacity at Kurashiki facility
[03/08/2021] EN
Notice Concerning Appointment of Joint Preferential Negotiation Right Holder for Transfer of Gas Business and Private Sector Commissioning of Water and Sewage Business by Myoko City, Niigata Prefecture
[03/03/2021] EN
JFE to Demonstrate Biocoke Utilization at Shaft-Type Gasifying and Direct Melting Furnace in Singapore - In collaboration with Nanyang Technological University and Kinki University
[03/02/2021] ST
JFE Steel Develops Unique Ultrasonic Testing Robots for Inspecting Steel Plate
Automates offline inspections for enhanced reliability and efficiency
[02/18/2021] SH
JFE Shoji Steel Hai Phong to start operations at Second Plant
[02/17/2021] ST
Vietnamese University Launches Course to Develop Steel-structure Engineers
— Based on content from lecture series organized by JFE Steel —
[02/10/2021] ST
JFE Steels and BHP to address decarbonization in steelmaking process
[02/09/2021] HD
JFE Holdings’ Financial Results through Third Quarter of Fiscal Year 2020 Ending March 31, 2021
[02/09/2021] HD
Notice of Revised Financial Results Forecasts and Dividend Forecasts
[01/27/2021] EN
Cooperation with NextChem on Waste to Chemical Field
[01/26/2021] EN
J&T Recycling Corporation to partner with Hagihara Industries Inc. -The two firms’ aim to establish “Revalue+,” Japan’s first horizontal recycling scheme for blue tarps-
[01/20/2021] EN
Starting verification test for capturing CO2 from WtE facility emission gas -standardization of proposing CO2 capture to the client “JFE CCU-Ready”-
[01/14/2021] EN
JFE Engineering Group Receives Order for WtE Plant in France - High Evaluation of Proven Track Record of Standardkessel Baumgarte -
[01/04/2021] HD
New Year’s Message