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JFE Group Sustainability Report

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Contents (PDF 34KB)

Message from the CEO (PDF 163KB)

JFE Group Vision (PDF 338KB)

Corporate Vision/Business Conduct (PDF 63KB)

Value of Steel (PDF 143KB)

Progress of the Seventh Medium-term Business Plan (PDF 64KB)

Material issues of Corporate Management (PDF 175KB)

Sustainability Management (PDF 558KB)

System for Promoting Sustainability (PDF 217KB)

JFE Group Value Chain (PDF 365KB)

Supply Chain Management (PDF 43KB)

Environment (PDF 6.6MB)

Executive Summary (PDF 42KB)

Environmental Management (PDF 192KB)

Climate Change (PDF 2.3MB)

Scenario Analysis in Line with the TCFD Recommendations (PDF 310KB)

Steel Industry Initiatives (PDF 110KB)

Development and Provision of Eco-friendly Processes and Products (PDF 2.2MB)

Efficient Use of Resources (PDF 200KB)

Water Security (PDF 50KB)

Prevention of Pollution (PDF 62KB)

Biodiversity (PDF 1.2MB)

Environmental Communication (PDF 391KB)

Society (PDF 969KB)

Executive Summary (PDF 35KB)

Responsibility to Customers (Provide Quality Products and Enhance Customer Satisfaction) (PDF 1.0MB)

Human Capital (PDF 71KB)

Occupational Health and Safety(PDF 78KB)

Recruiting and Nurturing Diverse Human Resources (Labor Standards)(PDF 85KB)

Human Rights (PDF 163KB)

Community (PDF 517KB)

Shareholders and Investors (PDF 43KB)

Governance (PDF 121KB)

Executive Summary (PDF 33KB)

Corporate Governance (PDF 88KB)

Compliance (PDF 87KB)

Risk Management (PDF 52KB)

Tax Transparency (PDF 27KB)

ESG Data (PDF 1.7MB)

Environmental Data (PDF 151KB)

Social Data (PDF 55KB)

Governance Data (PDF 50KB)

Independent Assurance Statement (PDF 1.5MB)

External Evaluations and Awards (PDF 690KB)

External ESG Evaluations (PDF 205KB)

External Awards (PDF 438KB)

Third-party Comments (PDF 99KB)


Editorial Policy (PDF 34KB)

Guideline Content Indices (PDF 98KB)

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