Business Model

Steel Business and Trading Business

A business model that creates a JFE brand associated with high-added value

Leveraging competitive advantages
Two major integrated steelworks
with highly competitive strengths

JFE has two major integrated steelworks, one each in western and eastern Japan, that boast world-class costs, products, and technologies. Both facilities leverage the highly competitive technologies, intellectual property, and know-how accumulated by JFE over many decades.

Technological development
to realize value creation

JFE continuously elevates its technological capabilities to world-class levels to meet Japanese demands for top-quality steel, which in turn enables the company to compete globally and create new value through advanced technological development.

Responding to needs
in our stable customer base

JFE has built a solid and highly stable global customer base – one that cannot be easily matched by rivals – thanks to its practice of collaborating from the early development stage to accurately address the exacting needs of its many customers.

⇒We will continue to create new value and provide optimal solutions to meet customer needs.

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Engineering Business

Business model that strongly supports the lives of people

Leveraging competitive advantages
Engineering, procurement,
and construction
Project execution capabilities with
abundant experience and
global structure

In a variety of fields, such as energy, the environment, and bridges, JFE has constructed numerous highly functional and high-quality structures that satisfy customer needs, covering everything from engineering to project handover. Moreover, we will strengthen our competitiveness by building out a global engineering system at overseas bases.

Operating business
Business management
capabilities with strengths in
manufacturing expertise

We have accumulated operational know-how in plants in particular, such as waste-to-energy power generation and waterworks, and in the public services field, the Company has an extensive track record in public–private projects. We also engages in our own recycling operations and renewable energy power generation business, and is expanding its presence in operation & maintenance business domains around the world.

Diverse human resources and DX
Diverse human resources to support the
business and promotion of DX to support
the evolution of the company

Approximately 40% of our employees have diverse backgrounds, such as women, foreign nationals, and career hires. We also strive to create work environments that draw out the best abilities of each and every employee. We support the advancement of “creation” and “responsibility” while digitalizing operations with AI and IoT.

⇒We aim to help the world become carbon neutral while promoting a circular economy.

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