Global Network

Global network of the JFE Group

Steel Business

In the steel business, we aim to establish an optimal production system by consolidating and restructuring equipment in view of long-term trends in steel supply and demand, and optimize production volumes in response to changes in steel supply and demand in Japan and overseas. In terms of sales, we aim to stabilize our earnings base by expanding the sales ratio of products with high technological advantages over mills in emerging economies. In addition, we will establish a global supply chain that flexibly responds to changes in the overseas market environment by promoting the vertically integrated business model overseas and the local production of steel materials through investments in overseas steel manufacturers.

Steel Business (41 bases in 18 countries and regions)

Engineering Business

Expand overseas operations by developing business in tune with local needs.
In Asia and Oceania, the JFE Group is pursuing synergies through M&A and enhancing its competitiveness in EPC projects, mainly related to the environment and energy plants. In Europe, the JFE Group will build an earnings foundation in EPC projects for environmental plants and biomass power plants. In Africa, we are keen to make inroads into new markets with bridge ODA projects. Through these initiatives, we aim to increase revenue to 100 billion yen.

Engineering Business (19 bases in 12 countries and regions)

Trading Business

In the trading business, we are aggressively moving to strengthen distribution and processing functions in our four-pronged global structure and increase sales of JFE Steel’s products in high-value-added fields. Furthermore, we aim to maintain and enhance our presence with customers overseas by utilizing products made by the JFE Group (including alliances) and other suppliers.

Trading Business (57 bases in 19 countries and regions)