JFE Group REPORT 2023


The JFE Group Report 2023 is an integrated report issued for the purpose of helping JFE shareholders, investors and other stakeholders understand the medium- to long-term value propositions of the company and its diverse group. This year marks the third year of the company’s 7th Medium-term Business Plan, an important year in which JFE is implementing growth strategies and completing its structural reforms. Details about these and other key initiatives are provided in the CEO’s message, sections on each operating company, feature articles and other information in this report.

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JFE GROUP REPORT 2023 (for viewing) 110 12.0MB
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Contents / Editorial Policy 1 791KB

Value Creation Framework

Value Creation Framework 3~ 2.22MB
Corporate Vision / Corporate Values / Standards of Conduct 5  
The Value of Steel 7  
History 9  
JFE’s Technological Capabilities 11  
Process of Value Creation 13  

Strategy to Create Value

Strategy to Create Value 15~ 3.08MB
Message from the CEO 17  
Market Trends and Business Risks and Opportunities 23  
Material Issues of Corporate Management 25  
Material Issues of Corporate Management and KPIs 27  
Progress on the Seventh Medium-term Business Plan (Fiscal 2021–2024) 31  
Message from the CFO 33  
Special Feature 1: Electrical Steel Strategy
Strengthen Production of Electrical Steel
Special Feature 2: Land Utilization in the Keihin Region
Large-Scale Land Conversion to Pave the Way for the Next 100 Years

Initiatives to Create Value

Initiatives to Create Value 41~ 2.77MB
Business Model (Steel Business and Trading Business) 42  
Business Model (Engineering Business) 45  
Business Strategies 47  
Steel Business 47  
Engineering Business 50  
Trading Business 53  
Shipbuilding Business 55  
Annual Highlights 56  
Helping to Resolve Issues Related to Climate Change 57  
Intellectual Property Activities 63  
Promotion of DX 64  
Securing and Training Diverse Talent 65  

Management Foundation that Supports Growth

Management Foundation that Supports Growth 67~ 1.73MB
Management Organization 69  
Dialogue with Outside Executives 71  
Corporate Governance 77  
Thorough Compliance 84  
Risk Management 85  
Ensuring Occupational Safety and Health 87  
Respect for Human Rights 89  
Stakeholder Relationships 92  


Data 93~ 1.33MB
Main Domestic Bases 93  
Main Overseas Bases 95  
Material Flow 97  
Non-financial Highlights 99  
Financial Highlights 101  
Financial Performance 103  
Operating and Main Group Companies 107  
Company Profile / Share Information 109  
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